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Stina Spiegelberg

Valentine’s Envelope Cookies

There’s nothing better than showing the person you love how much you appreciate his or her company. You know me. My way to do so is always cooking, baking, feasting. I love to show how much I love by filling tummies. For Valentine’s Day I have wanted to try making these super cute vegan envelopes for ages. They even contain a little message within – so nice to say a few words. I also love this idea, not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for friends and New Year’s for a little happy moments and nice compliments.

This recipe is fairly easy and super quick to make. Only decorating might need a try but you can do this real quick and easy with the following vegan icing recipe. This plant based cookie recipe is based on a vegan shortcrust and refines sugar free. If you are looking for more recipe ideas for Valentine’s day how about these cute heart Donuts, some passionfruit chocolates or heart shaped orange cookies (all in GER)? Have fun baking cuties ❤️!

Makes 9 envelope cookies with tops and bottoms.

200 g spelt flour type 630
50 g icing sugar from raw cane sugar
10 g corn starch
a pinch of salt
a pinch of ground vanilla
110 g margerine
2 tbsp oat cuisine or other plant based cream

For the shortcrust combine the flour, sugar starch, salt and vanilla in a bowl. The add the margerine and the cream and knead until you have a smooth but soft dough. Be quick as the crust should stay cold. Otherwise wrap it and cool for 20-30 minutes before proceeding.

Dust your working surface with some flour and roll the dough until approx. 3mm thick. Cut out your lovely envelope tops and bottoms. I used this beautiful cookie cutter by Silikomart (no paid advertisement). Bake at 180°C 10-12 minutes until golden brown. Let cool completely before decorating.

For the sugar icing:
120 g powdered sugar (oder normalen)
20-30 ml lemon juice
some beetroot powder for coloring

in a small bowl combine the dusting sugar with 20ml of lemon juice. The more raw sugar you use, the more creamy your color will get. Divide the coating in two parts leaving the first stiff, then dividing the second again, making one part more runny for the smooth filling of the envelopes. The other part you can color with some beetroot poder. If it doset color immediately leave to dissolve for a minute in order to get the full natural color glow. Decorate the envelope tops as you wish and leave to dry over night.

The next day write your little love message and put in in the bottom and stick the top and bottom together with some sugar coating.

Have fun baking and happy Valentine’s Day!!


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