Essential Autumn Presets Pack


Editing pictures takes a lot of time and skills to do it right. In my own editing I love to work with adobe Lightroom, it gives them this certain glow and professional look, as you can see in the preview of this presets pack. Especially with food photography light and shadows as well as a sensible arrangement of colors and shades are essential in order to achieve a harmonic picture. With the right workflows and presets you can edit your pictures within only a few minutes. This Essential Autumn Presets Pack gives you 10 various presets for the right autumn moods. Feel free to use it with wooden backgrounds, bright or dark settings or a concrete look. All you need to get started is this presets pack and Adobe Lightroom (Free 7 days trial).

Get excited about these 10 presets:
01_Take a Truffle (for athmospheric pics on grey colors)
02_Blondie (for bright backgrounds with brown and orange touches)
03_ Coffee Break (good contrast for sharper images)
04_Sourdough (Rustique looks with neutral shades)
05_Grungy (focusing the centre of the image)
06_Blueberrysmoothie (colorful like the autumn with a moody touch)
07_Blissballs (Perfect for crunchy bakery)
08_Dark Chocolate (for very dark pics you want to add this certain mood to)
09_Imagine Pancakes (for bright pics with fruity colors)
10_ Cozy Pudding (Cozy times for wooden surfaces)

This is how you install your presets:

  1. After you rapid you will get an Email with the download link. Download this presets pack on you computer. If not choosing a certain folder, it will automatically be saved in your downloads folder.
  2. Open Lightroom in the “Develop” window.
  3. On the left side of the screen click right under the folder “Presets”. Choose “import”.
  4. Open the folder you have chosen to save the presets in and choose all presets you want to import.
  5. Close Lightroom.

These presets can be optimized as to what light exposure and color scheme you choose. In Order to gain a consistency in all pictures you like to edit it is recommended only to adjust the temperaturen, exposure and radial Filter to your choosing. Have fun taking pictures and exploring the process of editing!

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