If you are not
o b s e s s e d
with your life, change it.


Welcome, welcome! I am Stina Spiegelberg and totally addicted to food – since ever. I grew up in France in between croissants and eclairs, and found my way in every kitchen as a kid, to assist the cooks, naturally.  For me personally cooking is a sensual kind of meditation. An experience for all senses, for body and soul.

2008 I was inspired by a the vibrant plant based foods and I am sharing all my heart with you out there every day on my blog and in my projects. After my first publication in 2013 I decided to quit my job in IT  and am putting all my love and care into my cooking, Events and speeches ever since.


I am being a TV-chef, vegan coach and author of already  8 cookbooks. I am so grateful and more than happy for all the thoughtful exchange with my readers, inspiring projects and companies with a social and environmental impact.


Thank you

to organisations, partners and friends, who believed in me and a plant based future right from the beginning! Thank you to PetA for the Progress-Award and to the UNSECO for my acknowledgements in the campaign Ideen. Initiative. Zukunft.!



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